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General Info

Who we are?

Datacube is a team of IT Professionals that is committed to providing quality database solutions to customers. Whether you need someone to fix a problem with your current database, enhance it or train you or your staff we can help you. Also we can guide you through the whole process from the initial discussion, process of developing functional specification, designing, developing and fully implementing your new database. We can also assist with the development of database driven web sites.

We have been operating since 2001, and have a number of people working with us on various database projects. We tend to give a project to one developer who will be familiar with your database and by doing that it simplifies and speeds-up the support. We have incorporated in 2007 and are operating as Data Cube Pty Ltd.

As a senior developer and the managing director I have been working with computers for almost 15 years, and have been involved with database development, administration and management more than 10 years. I have a Masters degree (MCom(IS)) from Curtin and have been a Member of Australian Computer Society (MACS) for over 10 years

Who owns the data and the database?

You do.When we develop the database (as proposed) it will be installed on your Server or PC in the office or on the server that hosts your website. It will be accessible only by your staff providing the Server or PC that hosts the backend database (where all the data will be stored) is available and backed-up regularly.

Is it possible to extend the database to cater for future requirements?

Yes, the way the database will be developed will cater for future growth.With any new requirement that arises in the future it should be relatively easy to change / modify or enhance the system to cater for additional or expended functionality. It will not require re-writing of the database.For example the additional “module” discussed initially with client was fundraising. As our original quote included the option of getting that additional module developed, I am sure you would have noticed that the cost of development of the additional module was about half the cost of developing something from scratch. The reason being is that we already developed a number of tables, forms, queries etc that can be used.

Are you available for support?

Yes we are. We will respond to your query within 1 business day, but most likely the same day.
You can contact us via our mobile number (0403 198 171) or email The support that we provide is charged on per hourly rate.We charge for an actual time spent fixing a problem, which means that if we spend 15 minutes fixing the problem, you will be charged for 15 minutes only. We do not have minimum number of hours that we have to charge. We can also be available for a 24 x 7 support if required.

Support and Training

What sort of support would we get from Datacube?

After the initial process of consultation and the development of the database, we would be available for any questions that you may have.We would visit you if and when required. Also if you wish we can schedule a 6 monthly visit to ensure everything is still running smoothly. We generally run with an add-hock support, but if you prefer to have something a bit more structured we are happy to discuss it with you. From our previous experience most of our clients get us involved again when they have something that is outstanding, or when some business process have changed and the database needs to be brought in line with new business requirements.

How about an ongoing support?

Yes we have several clients to whom we provide ongoing support on a monthly basis and as part of an agreed monthly contract. Another option is to buy support hours in predefined blocks and then use those for the ongoing support as required. Our support hours are available in blocks of 10, 20, 50 hours.
We are in negotiation with one of the clients to provide a remote database administration and to take care of Disaster Recovery options for their website and the databases, as well as regular backups.

Can you provide a dedicated server for your website or for the backups?

Yes we can.We have access to both Virtual Machines and dedicated servers in one a data centres located in Perth.
You can use it to host your own website, database or database driven web site. You could use it as a backup server for your own server. You have option between standard entry system being 1 RU Dual Core 265 Opteron with 1 GB of RAM and 2 x 400 GB SATA II drives, 1 GB LAN Card and 2 RU Quad Corewith 2 x Xeon 5310 Quad Core and 8GB RAM, 4 x 400 GB SATA II drive and 2 x 1GB LAN Cards. Prices vary depending on the Server Configuration and the length of the contract and between $300-$500 per month for the 1 RU Dual Core and between $500 – $1000 per month for 2 RU Quad Core.

Are you providing training?

Yes. We are happy to provide training if and when required. We think it is beneficial to do so in most cases. Our view is that money spent on training is money well spent as it brings future users and the developer together, and helps your users to take the ownership of the project (system).Any questions that users have the developer may be able to answer on the spot.Our suggestion is to schedule to spend 2-4 hours in the office, and have a quick overview and short training session with everyone that will be using it. Also It would be beneficial to nominate a “Database Champion”, who will be trained a bit more (i.e. Front Desk) and will act as first line of support for your users. This would also help streamline the support and reduce the cost to you.

Manuals, Backups and Corruptions

Is there going to be an Admin or User Manual?

Yes most definitely. We will produce both User and Admin manual to help support your users. User manual will be covering sections of the system that are relevant to your users, while the Admin manual will go into far more details about the system itself and the layer of complexity that may not be necessary or relevant to your day-to-day user.Although most manuals are different in topics that they cover and the systems that they explain, some of our recent manuals were over 100 pages. We generally provide a lot of screen captures which we found helps a user to feel a bit more comfortable as they see a picture what they should see instead trying to imagine it were only a textual representation.

Is there going to be a Data Dictionary and E-R Diagram?

Yes. We will produce the Data Dictionary and the Entity Relationship Diagram. Both will be an invaluable asset to anyone that may need to look at the database, to enhance it or to correct it. It would also assist the developers and managers to create additional queries or reports.

How about versioning and backup?

Each release of the database provided to you from Datacube will have different release number. Backup is reasonably simple, as MS Access automatically backs up the database when it gets closed. You would still need to perform your normal backup process for the main PC. These would be according to your current process. Although if you need assistance in trying to enhances it we will be able to help you.

How about database corruptions?

If your database gets corrupt for whatever reason (network problems, loss of power, invalid data etc) we will be able to help you to try and recover your database.

What will the database look like?

We will check with you what sort of look and feel you wish to achieve. If you prefer to leave the design to us, we will provide you with functionally best layout. Generally if it is a Microsoft Access database we tend to create Main menu (Switchboard) for easier navigation. If it is a database driven website we will use menu with a dropdown options to maximise the real-estate on the screen. We are always open to your suggestions.
We will follow your company’s colour scheme and will incorporate your logos in to the database / website design.

How about our current data in the excel spreadsheet?

In regards to your current data, we have to options. We either bring it over or data enter it from the scratch. Currently if your data is stored in the excel spreadsheet which makes it easy to keep track of all the details in one spreadsheet, for it to fit in the database it needs to be cleaned up (ie Surnames in surname column, mobile number in mobile number column etc.) and then uploaded to the database.

Contact Info

Is there an easy way to contact Data Cube?

Yes. Within each MS Access database we implement centralised Feedback collection. Each Form has a link to a Feedback data entry screen. The Feedback can be viewed through an admin report. With your permission we can setup the database so that the feedback gets emailed to on Data Cube on a monthly basis, and we will keep logging it in our centralised database for future references.

Also in the very near future we will be linking every database or every website that we develop to a centralised ticketing system. This will be up and running in early 2016as soon as we migrate to the new support website.

This would allow you to raise a Help Desk call directly from your website or database. We would immediately be alerted of new support call and will be acting on in it the shortest time possible, and certainly within 1 business day. Of course if you do not wish that link to be established we will not implement it.

We will respond to your query within 1 business day, but most likely the same day.
You can contact us via our mobile number (0407 080 211) or email

Our Clients

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20 Nalpa Way, Duncraig WA 6023, Australia

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