Security Audit

There is over 2 million small businesses in Australia compared to just over 3,600 businesses with 200+ employees, so small and medium businesses are the heart of the Australian economy. According to Australian government initiative 94.7% of businesses have internet access and 85% use it for financial activities. Same report identifies that over 52% do not have web presence and only 32% receive orders via internet.

Why is Security important?

It is important to be aware and take some precaution in protecting their own information and computer assets.

Concerning facts are:

40% of businesses don’t have anti-virus software
72 % do not’t backup or do not held it off-site
79% of businesses don’t have a data recovery plan
only 2% of businesses consider theft or damage of online information or data as their priority
We understand that most small and medium businesses do not have money, time, knowledge or are simply not aware or risks which is a barrier to better online security.

Let us help you improve your security. We can come in, undertake an audit of your processes, computer systems, generate report for your review and propose activities to improve it.

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